Blade & Soul – Tracing Global-Cool-Time (GCD)

So since quitting the game Blade & Soul I have decided to do a write up about my methodology that I used in finding the final end-point function for handling skill global cool time or Global-Cool-Down (GCD) for skills. IRead More

Why open source projects are good and bad in ARMA

Posted on : by : Tonic

So this is something that has been on my mind quite a lot recently when I get in one of those moods where I want to work on something. In the ARMAverse there has been numerous debates on this overRead More

Bringing my personal site back online

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Hey, If you’re here then you are probably thinking “Again?”. Yes, again. I had a blog awhile ago but lost interest and honestly wanted to drop off the face of the planet. I am now bringing my personal website backRead More